Tiffany Doll thinks wine is the best aphrodisiac

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Description: Tiffany Doll hits the wine store and asks sommelier for something special. They moves down to the wine cellar and ther dude pours some red wine in Tiffany's glass. They have a conversation about wine and stuff, and the dude starts feeling on her breasts. She leans on the chair and open her legs a lil' so the guy gets down to taste her pussy. After his cunninlingus performance he takes off her white top and white bra and Tiffany gets down to suck his cock. He lifts her up, puts her back against the wall and pops her cucci. Turns out, it was a glass ceiling cell above them so the people in the store could watch them fucking. He puts her on the table, lifts her leg up and fucks Tiffany. He bends her over the wooden table with her black skirt pulled up and fucks the bitch from bahind.
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